Great spanish composers: Quiroga

Manuel López-Quiroga Miquel (January 30, 1899 – December 13, 1988), better known as Maestro Quiroga, was a pianist, composer and author of couplets and coplas, one of the authors Quintero, León and Quiroga.
He was born in Seville, Spain. In 1934 he began dedicating himself completely to music, giving classes to other new artists and composing. He was a prolific composer, with more than 5,000 compositions to his name, many of them becoming very popular in 1940s and 1950s Spain. As he did not write words, he always surrounded himself with lyricists like Salvador Valverde, Antonio Quintero and Rafael de León. Some of his songs are Tatuaje, Rocio, La Paralla, María de la O, Ojos verdes, Te Lo Juro Yo and La Zarzamora.
Quiroga died from a pulmonary edema at Virgen del Mar de Madrid clinic on December 13, 1988. The Cuarteto Quiroga (Quiroga String Quartet) is named after him.

Source: wikipedia